Trees are a valuable asset to any property. They provide shade, add curb appeal, and can even increase the value of your home. But trees don’t always stay healthy. In fact, they can be susceptible to a variety of issues that can damage both the tree itself as well as nearby property. Thankfully, there are solutions for most common problems with trees. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues and how you can solve them.

Tree Pests & Diseases

The first type of issue is pests and diseases. Insects like borers and bark beetles, fungi such as root rot, and viruses like Dutch Elm Disease can all take their toll on trees if left untreated. It’s important to identify the problem quickly so that it can be addressed before it spreads or causes serious damage to your tree(s). If you suspect that your tree has been affected by pests or disease, contact an arborist for help in identifying and treating the problem.

Structural Damage

Another common issue is structural damage caused by storms or other environmental factors. Strong winds can cause branches to break off while heavy snowfall can cause entire branches to snap off due to weight stress. Lightning strikes may also cause injury or death of parts of the tree – this is especially true for tall trees near power lines which are more likely to be hit by lightning strikes than shorter trees further away from power lines. If you notice any broken limbs or other signs of structural damage, contact a certified arborist immediately so they can evaluate the situation and make recommendations on how best to repair the damage.

Tree Soil Conditions

Finally, soil conditions are another factor that could lead to problems with your tree(s). Poor soil drainage or compaction caused by construction activity around your property may lead to root rot or stunted growth in your tree(s). To address these issues, you should consider aerating the soil around your tree(s) and amending it with organic matter like compost or manure in order to improve its water retention capabilities and promote better root growth.

Common Tree Issues

Proper care and maintenance will help keep your trees healthy for years to come but it’s important to recognize when something is wrong before it becomes too serious of an issue – being proactive about addressing potential problems will save you time and money in the long run! By understanding some of the most common problems with trees and how you can solve them, you’ll be able to keep yours looking their best! If you’re ever unsure about what might be causing an issue with one (or more) of your trees, reach out to a certified arborist who will be able assess the situation professionally. With their help, they’ll be able to recommend a course of action that will keep your trees healthy for years ahead!

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