When considering how to increase the value of your property, one of the best investments you can make is in trees. Trees not only add beauty and a sense of calm to your outdoor space, but they can also increase your property value in Lewisville. Let’s take a look at why trees are such an important part of real estate and how they can affect the value of your home.

Benefits of Trees on Lewisville Property Value

Curb Appeal – One of the most obvious benefits of planting trees on your property is that they add curb appeal. Potential buyers will be drawn to properties with mature landscaping, including trees, as this adds beauty and style to any outdoor space. Aesthetics are important when selling your house; studies have shown that homes with mature landscaping have been sold for up to 28% more than those without them!

Increased Privacy – Another benefit that comes along with planting trees on your property is increased privacy. Homes surrounded by trees often give off a feeling of seclusion, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers looking for somewhere private and peaceful to call home.

Eco-Friendly – Planting trees also adds an eco-friendly touch to any property. Not only do they help reduce air pollution but they also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen into it which helps improve air quality and makes for healthier living conditions for everyone in Lewisville!

Trees are an excellent investment when it comes to increasing the value of your home in Lewisville and should not be neglected when you’re planning how best to improve its marketability. Whether you’re looking for privacy or aesthetics, adding some trees will make all the difference! With so many benefits available—from improved air quality to increased curb appeal—planting some trees is sure to be one investment you won’t regret making!