A well-maintained lawn enhances a property’s look and value, showing a homeowner’s pride and care. A lush, green lawn with well-tended trees and shrubs creates a welcoming environment and boosts curb appeal. Welcome to Shannon & Sons Tree Service. We guarantee excellence and reliability in tree care. Our skilled team is dedicated to maintaining your trees’ and lawn’s health and beauty. We believe a vibrant landscape is essential for making a strong first impression of your home and providing a serene outdoor space for your family to enjoy.

Evolution of Tree Services

For years, Shannon & Sons Tree Service has stood as a model of quality and dedication in the tree care industry. Our evolution from focusing solely on tree services to incorporating comprehensive lawn care solutions reflects our commitment to meeting and surpassing our customers’ expectations. This strategic expansion stems from our goal to offer a comprehensive solution for enhancing outdoor spaces, making sure we cover every detail to create the ideal landscape for our clients.

Understanding the New Services

Grading Services

Land grading is crucial for both the look and health of your lawn. It’s not just about making your yard look better; proper grading ensures water flows away efficiently, preventing water buildup that can harm your grass and plants with root rot, mold, and other issues. Our grading services aim to fix these problems and enhance your outdoor space, making it functional, beautiful, and welcoming. We adjust the land to direct water away from buildings and delicate areas, protecting your property’s foundation and your investment in landscaping, leading to a healthier and more attractive outdoor environment.

Weed Spraying

Weeds are more than just a visual nuisance in your garden or yard; they compete with your plants and grass for nutrients, sunlight, and water, which can damage the health and look of your garden. This competition can slow the growth and health of your desired plants, leaving your outdoor spaces looking less than ideal. Our weed spraying service uses eco-friendly products to effectively control weeds without harming the environment. By controlling and preventing weed growth, we help keep your lawn healthy and vibrant, making your outdoor space more beautiful.

Re-sowing Grass

If your lawn has unsightly bare patches due to heavy foot traffic, pests, or natural wear and tear, Shannon & Sons has the solution. Re-sowing grass is an essential step in maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn. Over time, lawns can become thin, patchy, or worn. These unsightly patches not only detract from the overall beauty of your outdoor space but can also lead to soil erosion and provide a foothold for weeds to establish. By re-sowing grass, you are investing in the vitality of your lawn, ensuring it remains dense, green, and healthy. It refreshes your yard, stops weeds from taking over, and keeps the soil in good shape. This not only makes your property look better but also increases its value.

At Shannon & Sons, we offer our special topsoil blend perfect for re-seeding grass, which not only covers those bare spots but also rejuvenates your lawn, making it lush and green again. Our team uses advanced techniques to ensure your lawn looks evenly dense and vibrant. Trust Shannon & Sons to get your lawn looking great again, improving your property’s look.


Fertilization is the process of adding nutrients to soil to promote healthy plant growth. Our fertilization services at Shannon & Sons Tree Service involves analyzing your soil’s nutrient levels and developing a customized plan that meets your lawn’s unique needs. We consider factors such as grass type, climate, and environmental conditions, ensuring we provide the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth and health

Aeration Services

Aeration is a key step in keeping your lawn healthy, helping to improve soil quality and encourage deeper root growth. It’s about making small holes in the soil so air, water, and nutrients can get down to the grass roots. This leads to deeper root growth and a stronger lawn. At Shannon & Sons Tree Service, we understand how vital aeration is for a lush, healthy lawn that looks great, can better withstand drought, and fights off disease more easily. Our aeration services help loosen the soil, making watering and fertilization more effective by allowing these essentials to reach further into the ground.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Care

Opting for professional lawn care services from Shannon & Sons offers numerous advantages:

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team is equipped with the necessary expertise and specialized skills required to identify and effectively solve a wide range of lawn issues. With our comprehensive understanding of lawn care, we are able to address problems from common pests and diseases to complex soil nutrition deficiencies, ensuring your lawn remains healthy and vibrant.
  • Time and Effort Saving: Outsourcing your lawn maintenance to us allows you the freedom to concentrate on other tasks in your busy life. While you focus on what matters most to you, we will take care of ensuring your lawn remains in pristine condition, handling all aspects of lawn care with our expertise.
  • Enhanced Property Value: Keeping your lawn in good shape can really boost your home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to visitors and passersby. Furthermore, a well-kept lawn can substantially increase your property’s overall value, presenting a wise investment for homeowners looking to improve their home’s marketability in the future.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

At Shannon & Sons, we put a strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices in all our lawn care services. Our commitment lies in choosing products that are safe for both the environment and for children and pets, aiming for a truly green lawn maintenance approach. We focus on sustainability, especially by using water conservation methods that not only save our precious water resources but also help our clients keep their lawns lush and beautiful in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Count on us to take care of your lawn with the highest regard for the planet.

How to Get Started

Looking to transform your lawn into a breathtaking landscape? Contact Shannon & Sons to discover the range of lawn care services we offer or to schedule a detailed consultation. Our team is here to assist you at every stage of the process, ensuring that your journey to a beautiful outdoor space is seamless and rewarding. From initial planning to the final touches, we are committed to providing a top-notch experience that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. Let us help you create the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Landscaping with Shannon & Sons

The introduction of lawn care services marks a new chapter for Shannon & Sons Tree Service, reinforcing our commitment to comprehensive property care. By choosing us, you entrust your lawn to a lawn care team dedicated to achieving perfection. We invite you to explore our new offerings and experience the difference that professional lawn care can make.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your lawn. Contact Shannon & Sons for a consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant outdoor space.