Taking care of trees on your property is essential as it enhances the overall appeal of your home or business premises. That is why professional tree service is necessary to ensure the safety of your loved ones, property, and the neighborhood. Shannon & Sons Professional Tree Service provides excellent support and customer service in Advance and the surrounding areas. We have specialized arborists with a wealth of experience and knowledge in tree services, ensuring that we provide you with the best possible services.

Advance Tree Services

Shannon & Sons specializes in various tree services in Advance, NC. We offer tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, emergency and storm damage repair, and stump grinding and removal. Tree trimming is essential for maintaining the overall appearance of your landscape. Regular trimming also promotes healthy growth by removing dead or diseased branches, thus preventing diseases from spreading throughout the tree. Our team of arborists at Shannon & Sons will assess your trees and provide expert trimming services that will not only enhance their beauty but also promote their health. Sometimes, tree removal is necessary when a tree poses a safety hazard to your property or loved ones. Our team at Shannon & Sons specializes in safe and efficient tree removal services in Advance. We have the expertise and equipment to handle even the most challenging tree removals. We also take careful measures to ensure that no damage occurs to your property during the process. Our team will safely remove the tree and its stump, leaving your property clean and tidy. The team at Shannon and Sons will access your trees and offer customized solutions appropriate for your property’s safety, beauty, and budget.

Emergency Storm Damage in Advance

Storm Damage can wreak havoc on your trees and, in most cases, need immediate attention. When faced with such situations, Shannon & Sons Professional Tree Service team is available for you. Whether a fallen tree limb or whole tree blocks your driveway or poses a danger to your home, rely on Shannon & Sons to attend to your needs and restore your property and preserve your trees. We have the necessary tools and experience to carefully remove any debris, assess tree damage, and offer solutions that will ensure your trees’ health and longevity. Our emergency response team is available 24/7, so you can count on us anytime disaster strikes. Contact Shannon & Sons for all your tree service needs in Advance and the surrounding areas. We are committed to providing excellent services that will exceed your expectations. Trust us to take care of your trees, and we guarantee you a beautiful and safe environment.

Proper Tree Maintenance

Proper Tree Maintenance Proper tree maintenance is necessary to ensure the overall health and appearance of your property. Shannon & Sons is well-equipped to offer you routine tree service checkups, pruning, health care, and consulting to ensure the longevity of your trees. We are familiar with the climate and soil conditions in Advance and have the knowledge to advise you on the best way to optimize the growth and beauty of your trees. Our team uses the latest techniques and equipment to provide you with quality tree services that meet your specific needs. We also offer customized maintenance plans to fit your budget and keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year round. Trust Shannon & Sons Professional Tree Service for all your tree maintenance needs whether it be at your Advance home or business.

Licensed and Insured

When choosing a tree service provider in Advance, it is essential to work with a licensed and insured company like Shannon & Sons. A licensed company guarantees expertise and professionalism in the job, while insurance covers your property against any damages that might occur during tree service. Shannon & Sons Professional Tree Service is licensed and insured, ensuring that you get the best and carefree services.

Tree Service in Advance

Shannon & Sons Professional Tree Service is a reliable and professional company that offers various tree services in Advance. Relying on our expertise guarantees the safety of your property, family, and neighbors. With our customized solutions, emergency storm damage, and proper tree maintenance services, we are sure to get the job done right, ensuring that your trees thrive. Moreover, Shannon & Sons is fully licensed and insured, ensuring your peace of mind. Contact us today for all your tree service needs.