There’s something magical and comforting about having trees surrounding our homes. They provide shade, beauty, and a sense of calmness. However, sometimes, trees can get unruly and outgrow their space. This is where the art of crown shaping comes in. Crown shaping is the process of pruning and sculpting trees to maintain their aesthetics and shape. The practice is vital for the health of the tree, as well as the surrounding landscape.

Why Crown Shaping?

Crown shaping is essential for the overall health of the tree. Overgrown branches and limbs can get diseased or break off, causing damage to the surrounding area. Also, trees that aren’t shaped properly can grow unevenly, and their shape can look awkward, ultimately limiting the tree’s aesthetic appeal. Removing dead or diseased branches, and shaping the crown helps the tree to maintain its proper shape and grow healthier.


Timing is critical when it comes to crown shaping. It’s best to do it during the dormant season when the tree is not actively growing. During this time, it’s easier to shape the tree, as the leaves are not in the way, and the tree won’t undergo as much stress. However, some trees, like maples, birches, and elms, bleed sap if pruned in the dormant season. Pruning these trees in late spring or summer is the best option, but only for light pruning.

Tools Needed

To shape a tree’s crown, you’ll need the right tools. These include pruning shears, loppers, a pruning saw, a pole saw, and a ladder. It’s important to use sharp tools to make clean cuts, and avoid ripping branches as this can damage the tree. For more substantial branches, consider using a pole saw or pruning saw to reduce the risk of injury.

How to Shape the Tree

Before you start shaping the tree, have a clear picture of what you want it to look like. Remove dead, broken, or diseased branches, as these can spread disease to healthy parts of the tree. Then, remove the branches that interfere with the tree’s overall shape, making sure not to overprune. Work from the top and sides, and shape the remaining branches to your preferred shape and size. Make sure to take your time and stand back frequently to ensure you’re shaping the tree as needed.

Call a Professional

While shaping a tree’s crown may seem like a manageable task, hiring a professional is always a good option. Not only do they have the experience and expertise to shape the tree precisely, but they also have the necessary tools and equipment. Professionals also understand the best timing for shaping the tree, ensuring that you get the best results.

Art of Crown Shaping

Crown shaping is an essential practice for keeping our trees healthy and aesthetically appealing. With the right tools, timing, and technique, we can shape our trees into beautiful and healthy forms. If you aren’t confident in shaping your trees yourself, consider hiring a professional to help. However, with practice and knowledge, you’ll be able to shape your trees like a pro.

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