If you’re a commercial property manager, an attractive and well-maintained landscape is crucial for your business image. Trees are one of the major aspects of this landscape, providing shade, fresh air and significantly adding to the beauty of the property. However, to maximize these benefits, proper care and maintenance of trees is essential. Shannon & Son’s Tree Service is a trusted and reputable tree care service provider in the region, and today, we’ll share some top tips to help you make the most of your commercial landscape.

Start with Proper Tree Selection: Choosing the right trees is a vital step towards successful tree care. Always go for native trees with deep roots and strong trunks that can thrive in your region’s climate. This will reduce the chances of diseases and pests, and save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Regular Pruning: Pruning is a crucial aspect of proper tree care. Regularly removing weak or dead branches, damaged limbs, and trimming excess growth can enhance tree health, improve the tree structure, and boost the aesthetics of your landscape. You can also contact professional tree pruning services like Shannon & Son’s Tree Service, which can help identify issues and provide regular care.

Consistent Watering and Fertilization: Trees, like any other plants, require consistent and adequate watering and fertilization. Water your trees deeply, but less frequently, and avoid overwatering or underwatering. This helps trees strengthen their roots and better withstand drought conditions. Also, apply fertilizer regularly to boost tree health and growth. Consulting with a professional tree service provider can provide valuable advice on the right fertilizers for your trees.

Pest and Disease Management: Pests and diseases are common dangers for trees, and can deteriorate the health and service life of your trees if not treated promptly. Regular monitoring and inspection can identify early signs of pests and diseases, and immediate measures can be taken to address them. For the best results, professional pest and disease treatment is always recommended.

Regular Tree Inspection: Regular inspection is the cornerstone of proper commercial tree care. Schedule regular inspections with a certified arborist like Shannon & Son’s Tree Service. A professional tree service provider can help identify tree issues and make quality recommendations regarding operative and practical management of the trees.

Tree care is essential for maintaining an appealing commercial landscape that can last for years. Proper tree selection, regular pruning, consistent watering and fertilization, pest and disease management, and regular inspection can go a long way in maximizing the benefits of trees. At Shannon & Son’s Tree Service, our professional arborists have years of experience in providing top-quality and comprehensive tree care services. Contact us today for expert suggestions and consultation on your commercial tree care needs!