Rough winter storms can devastate your trees and home. Taking necessary measures to secure your trees and property is essential to wake up to a clean yard in the spring season. To keep your trees safe and healthy, you need a reliable tree service company that provides exceptional winter storm preparation and protection services. If you are a homeowner in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina read on to learn more about protecting your trees during winter storms.

Tree Inspection

Before a winter storm hits, tree inspection is essential since trees can become more vulnerable with age and soil conditions. Hire a professional arborist from Shannon & Sons Tree Service to inspect your trees thoroughly and identify any weak branches that can break off under the force of winter winds or heavy ice and snow. They can remedy the problem by reinforcing weak branches or removing dangerous ones. A thorough inspection can also identify potential hazards such as leaning trees, root damage, and disease.

Winter Pruning

After the inspection is complete, tree pruning should be done to remove dead or damaged branches. Pruning is an important step in winter storm preparation as it helps to remove dead, weak, or damaged branches that can become hazards during a storm. Removing weak and diseased branches before a storm can prevent them from causing damage to your property or injuring people. Trees are susceptible to serious damage during winter storms because of their long branches and heavy ice or snow accumulation. Pruning your trees ahead of a snowstorm or winter season is crucial to reduce weight and prevent damage. Professional tree services providers, such as Shannon & Sons, know how to identify the right branches to prune and the right time to do it without compromising the tree’s health.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing are essential preventative measures against storms. They help to support the tree’s canopy and redistribute the weight of heavy ice or snow that accumulates on the branches. This procedure requires the expertise of a tree specialist who can determine the best spot to secure cables, braces, or rods discreetly while preserving the tree’s beauty. For trees with multiple trunks or those that are leaning, cabling and bracing can provide support and stability. This technique involves installing cables between the branches to redistribute weight and reduce strain on weak areas. It is important to hire a professional tree service company for this task as improper installation can cause more harm than good.

Emergency Tree Services

Winter storms can cause severe damage to your trees, leaving behind hazardous conditions. Strong winds can make branches fall, puncturing your home’s roof, damaging your car, or injuring you. It is always best to have an emergency plan and a reliable tree service provider such as Shannon & Sons Tree Service. They can quickly respond to the emergency, assess the dangerous condition, and remove or cut damaged limbs and branches to secure your property. Having an emergency tree service on call can give you peace of mind during a winter storm.

Tree Fertilization

Fertilizing trees ahead of winter helps them cope with freezing temperatures and snowfall. A fertilized tree is healthy and strong enough to withstand the harsh winter weather conditions. Shannon & Sons Tree Service recommends fertilizing trees during fall as it promotes root growth and prepares the tree for winter. They can help you select and apply the best type of fertilizer for your trees.

Winter Storm Preparation

Winter storms can be severe in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. Protecting your trees and property during winter storms is crucial for the safety and well-being of your family. Hiring a tree service provider is worth the investment, particularly if you want to avoid severe damage and costly tree removal or replacement procedures. A professional tree service company like Shannon & Sons Tree Service can help to inspect, prune, and prepare your trees before a storm hits. They also offer emergency tree services to secure your property in case of any damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact Shannon & Sons Tree Service today and protect your trees from winter storms. Remember, a healthy and well-maintained tree is less likely to suffer significant damage during a storm. Stay safe!